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Processors and Workstations

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  1. Safety Signage Kit for Crematories (9 pcs) Safety Signage Kit for Crematories (9 pcs)

    Safety Signage Kit for Crematories (9 pcs)

    Rugged, all aluminum safety signs to help protect against the key risks in operating a crematory. Protect against injuries and liabilities by highlighting critical hazards throughout your facility. Made from environmentally friendly recycled aluminum - stands up to the high temperatures in your crematory without melting or warping like cheap plastic signs will.

    Regular Price: $190.00

    Special Price $169.00

  2. Replacement Drum for Cremated Remains Processor

    Replacement Drum for the ECP-200 or ACP-200 Processors. Made of durable, heavy-gauge stainless steel with all couplings for a solid connection to your processor.

    Starting at: $973.00

  3. Mobile Receiving Station

    Make receiving cases faster and easier with this new workstation from Matthews. Cremation containers, forms, supplies and tools are clean, dry and organized, ready to use wherever and whenever you need them.

    From: $1,500.00

    To: $1,595.00

  4. Replacement Processor Blades

    Choose from our 3 different processor blades in order to meet your processing needs.

    Starting at: $129.00

  5. Brass Bushing for Remains Processor

    Brass Bushing for cremated remains processor. Fits ECP-200 and ACP-200 processors
  6. 3/4" Bearing for Cremated Remains Processor

    3/4" replacement bearing for cremated remains bearing. Fits ECP-200 and ACP-200 processors.
  7. Ventless Processing Station, VPS-1

    The Ventless Processing Station is a an ideal complement to any crematory with a focus on increased safety and efficiency. Used together with the ECP-200 processor, the VPS-1 unit's design minimizes floor space requirements, while the heavy-duty wheels allow for easy mobility so you never have to worry about placement.
  8. Animal Cremation Remains Processor, ACP- 200

    The ACP-200 quickly reduces cremated animal remains to a fine, sand-like state. The processed remains can then be returned to the owners for a memorialization of their choosing. The Matthews ACP-200 is the most advanced processor on the market, with a processing time averaging 30 seconds. It’s the perfect accessory to any crematory.
    • Dependable and long lasting operation
    • Sealed bearings keep the machine running smoothly and efficiently
    • One year warranty
  9. Urn Adapters

    Speed up your processing and packaging of cremated remains with our urn filler. Compatible with most temporary containers and permanent urns. Choose from a TCC-1 Adapter or TCC-2 adapter to assist in filling urns after ash processing.

    Starting at: $35.00

  10. Neoprene Gasket

    Select a replacement gasket for the Electric Remains Processor.
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Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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