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Operator Safety

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  1. Denim Apron

    Our washable denim apron is ideal for tough work conditions. Made of durable 12 oz. denim, it features a divided big pocket, finished edges to prevent fraying and three 30" ties for long wear
    • Made of durable 12oz denim
    • One size fits all
    • Durable construction to withstand crematory conditions
  2. Leather Sleeves with Shoulder Strap

    An often overlooked item, leather sleeves protect the operator’s arms from high temperatures during stoking and clean-out. Two-button closure at the wrist makes for a snug fit and two-cincher shoulder ties keep sleeves in place. Worn with gloves and an apron, these sleeves provide an excellent addition to the operator’s thermal protection gear.
  3. Particle Dust Mask (20 pack)

    Our lightweight adjustable, disposable dust masks provide relief from the dust of cremated remains. Available in quantities of 20.
  4. Leather Gloves

    Our cotton-lined leather gloves offer excellent heat resistance, while maintaining flexibility. Welted seams add extra protection and durability. Features include a wing thumb and continuous one-piece back.
  5. High-Temperature Zetex Gloves

    Our unique Zetex® gloves conduct heat radially along the surface instead of through the fabric, enabling it to withstand temperatures up to 1100°F. These gloves prevent heat abrasions and protect the operator’s hands against flames and sparks.
  6. Face Shield with Head Gear

    Our protective face shield is lightweight, clear polycarbonate with a a thin protective gold coating, which reflects over 99% infrared (IR) and ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This durable shield is coated in a scratch- resistant coating, as well as, a anti-fog coating on the inside of the shield. The shield is attached to an adjustable headgear. Replacement shields are available for separate purchase.
  7. Heat Reflective Apron

    Our heat reflective apron and jacket provide superior insulation and reflect 90% of all radiant heat up to 1000°F. This lightweight apron features leather tong ties for a secure fit.
  8. Leather Apron

    Our leather apron provides full, flexible frontal coverage while maintaining maximum comfort. The side-split tanned leather is resistent to heat and sparks. Kevlar stitching and rivet reinforcing ensures long lasting durability. Features include 2 chest pockets and heavy duty crossed back straps with plastic side releases.
  9. Metal Detector

    Our hand-held metal detector detects all conductive metals — ferrous, non ferrous and stainless steel. Use of the device protects your operator and your cremation equipment. By moving the wand over the case awaiting cremation, an audible signal and indicator light alerts the operator of existing metals, such as pacemakers.
  10. Heat-Reflective Gloves

    Reflect 90% of all radiant heat your cremator can dish out with these aluminum heat-reflective gloves. Available in 3 sizes to ensure the proper protection and coverage

    Starting at: $110.00

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Items 1 to 10 of 12 total

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