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Temporary Urns & Mailers

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  1. Temporary Urn, TCC-1 (219 cu in, Case of 36)

    A temporary urn is vital to professional and securely retained cremated remains back to the family. Our durable, lightweight plastic temporary urns come complete with a heavy-duty three milliliter bag and tie. Our TCC-1, temporary urn measures 8.25" high, 6.25" wide and 4.25" deep with an overall capacity of 219 cu in. Sold in cases of 36. Large Quantity Discounts Available
  2. White Plastic Temporary Urns

    Our plastic urns are made of a heavy-duty acrylic material in a clean, solid white color. Available in both 78 cubic inch and 32 cubic inch in quantities of 24 per case. A bag, tie and tape sealer are included with each plastic urn.

    Starting at: $84.00

  3. Cardboard Mailers

    Our standard TCC mailers are made from white or brown craft cardboard and designed to fit the standard TCC containers, with options available for both the TCC-1 and TCC-2. Additional options include a standard craft mailer designed to fit the oversized TCC, as well as the option for the white cardboard mailers.

    TCC-1 and TCC-2 Mailers are available in cases of 36 and Oversized TCC mailers are available in cases of 24.

    Starting at: $34.08

  4. Urn Adapters

    Speed up your processing and packaging of cremated remains with our urn filler. Compatible with most temporary containers and permanent urns. Choose from a TCC-1 Adapter or TCC-2 adapter to assist in filling urns after ash processing.

    Starting at: $35.00

  5. Bags & Ties, TCC-1 (100/case) 12"x14"

    Never worry about running out of bags and ties for your TCCs. Be sure to have always have extra bags and ties on hand, so you never have to worry about unnecessary headaches or production delays. Quantity discounts available.
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5 Item(s)