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Tiles, Nozzles, and Raincollars

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  1. Refractory Lined Stack 20"/29': New Style or Jacketed

    Refractory lined cremator stack, 20" / 29" Outside diameter. Price per 5 ft. section

    *** NOTE: Stacks are custom built for each application. Please contact a Sales Representative at 800-327-2831 to confirm requirements and schedule production ***

  2. Rain Collars

    Rain collars are part of the ventilation system of your cremator, attached at the point there the stack exits the roof. This part serves as weather proofing, while allowing the hot air from the stack to escape. Matthews offers several types of rain collars, from galvanized to stainless steel and made in our production facility in Florida.

    Starting at: $296.00

  3. Burner Tiles

    Short Description Needed.

    Starting at: $85.00

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3 Item(s)